• ClearMechanic Introduces "Inspection Patterns Report" to Track Inspection Habits!
    Thursday, August 7, 2014

    It is natural for technicians to develop inspection habits. A technician might feel more comfortable with certain cars or certain jobs, and therefore "under-recommend" or "over-recommend" services as a result. 

    It's very difficult for managers (and technicians themselves) to be aware of these habits. With paper inspection forms, it is almost impossible. 

    That is why ClearMechanic is introducing the "Inspection Patterns Report," which tracks exactly what recommendations are being made by technicians using the ClearMechanic mobile app. Take a look at this example "Inspection Patterns Report" below from a ClearMechanic client:

    CM Inspection Patterns Report

    Inspection Patterns Report

    To generate an Inspection Patterns Report, take the following steps:

    1. Go to your Private Dashboard and log in.
    2. Go to "Reports" tab.
    3. Select "Inspection Patterns Report" from the dropdown box.
    4. Select your preferred date range for the report.
    5. Select "Generate Report." Done!

  • Add Mileage and General Notes to Each Inspection!
    Thursday, August 7, 2014

    By popular demand, you can add general notes in the “RO and VIN” screen. This is perfect for entering a vehicle’s mileage. 

    Simply tap "Additional Notes" and you will see the option of typing a "Custom Note" or entering the vehicle's mileage or other "Frequent Notes." The "Frequent Notes" can be customized to your organization from your Private Dashboard.

    Additional Notes in ClearMechanic    Additional Notes in CM

    ClearMechanic Additional Notes Added

  • ClearMechanic Lets You Customize Notifications for Each Inspection Upload!
    Wednesday, July 30, 2014

    A key aspect of ClearMechanic is automated internal notifications whenever a new inspection is uploaded. In this way, a service advisor or administrator receives an instant e-mail alert when a new inspection is available review and send to customers.

    This week, ClearMechanic launched the capability to customize exactly who receives these instant notifications for each inspection. For one inspection, you may want service advisor "John Smith" to receive an instant alert. For the next inspection, you might want a different service advisor "Daniel Hernandez" and the parts manager "Deborah Jones" to receive instant alerts. It is important that our clients can customize the notifications so that each inspection gets to the correct people internally. 

    Here is how this Customizable Notifications feature looks in the ClearMechanic mobile application:

    ClearMechanic Customizable Internal Notifications 

    Here is how the resulting notification e-mail looks to the recipient:

    ClearMechanic Upload Notification

    Clicking through on the "Quick Actions" links allows the e-mail recipient to easily review, edit and send the inspection by e-mail and text message. It also lets the e-mail recipient quickly print the inspection.

    Here is how to change which members of your organization appear in the "Customize Notifications" screen in the mobile application. 

    1. Go to your Private Dashboard and log-in.
    2. Go to "Settings" tab.
    3. Go to "Team Members" section.
    4. Put a checkmark next to each team member who should appear in the "Customize Notifications" screen in the mobile application.

  • ClearMechanic Adds Advanced Visual Editing Features for Inspection Photos!
    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    ClearMechanic's mobile application now enables clients to "drag and drop" multiple arrows and circles on the same photo. These visual editing features answer a common question from your customers while looking at their inspection photos: "Where is the problem? Where am I supposed to look?"

    Here is how advanced visual editing features look in the ClearMechanic mobile application. The visual editing interface appears immediately after a photo is taken in the app.

    ClearMechanic Mobile App with Advanced Visual Editing Features, Part 1      ClearMechanic Mobile App with Visual Editing Features part 2

    And here are a few examples of how this features has already been used by ClearMechanic clients. Notice how powerful this visual communicationis when presenting a recommendation to your customers.

    Multiple Arrows with ClearMechanic

    ClearMechanic Multiple Arrows

    ClearMechanic App with Multiple Arrows

    ClearMechanic Tire Photo with Circle

  • ClearMechanic Adds New Reporting Features: Clients Can View Activity Reports, Financial KPIs and Operational KPIs!
    Thursday, May 29, 2014

    ClearMechanic has added several new reporting templates for our clients. Each report template enables owners and managers to understand what goes on inside their businesses. For example, are your technicians recommending enough Red Priority and Yellow Priority items? Are your service advisors sending out inspections by e-mail and SMS at a high rate? How do your ClearMechanic metrics compare to other service centers?

    Below are detailed explanations of each report type. Remember, each report type can be customized to any date range.

    - Activity Reports: Inspection Forms and Activity Reports: Inspection Items
    ClearMechanic's Activity Reports show every Inspection Form or Inspection Item for the date range selected and the following details: which technician uploaded the Form or Item, how many photos, how many videos, what Red / Yellow / Green priority level, was Form or Item sent by SMS or e-mail, how many customer views did it receive, and more.

    Below is an Activity Report example, split into two screenshots:

    ClearMechanic Activity Report Example

    ClearMechanic Activity Report

    Financial KPI Reports
    ClearMechanic's Financial KPI Reports measure the financial impact of ClearMechanic on your business. For example, what is your sales per Repair Order with and without ClearMechanic? What is labor rate with and without ClearMechanic? How much money are you leaving on the table when you do NOT use ClearMechanic? This report also shows Key Performance Indicators or "KPIs", which are quantitative benchmarks against which your business should be evaluated. 

    See an example Financial KPI Report below:

    ClearMechanic Financial KPIs

    ClearMechanic Financial KPIs

    ClearMechanic Financial KPIs

    Operational KPI Reports
    ClearMechanic's Operational KPI Reports measure how well your business is using ClearMechanic, including an assessment by employee type: "service advisors," "technicians," and "service managers." We generate a letter grade on a scale of "A" to "D" and a number grade on a scale of 0 to 100 to show how well you are using the program and to diagnose any inefficiencies.

    Fore example, perhaps your technicians are uploading inspections for every RO with Clearmechanic, but they are never diagnosing "Yellow Priority" items. Or perhaps your technicians are doing a perfect job, but your service advisors never send the Inspection Forms by SMS text message. This is information you need to know on a regular basis!

    See an example Operational KPI Report below:

    ClearMechanic Operational KPIs Report

    ClearMechanic Operational KPIs Report

    Any questions? Contact us any time at info@clearmechanic.com!