• ClearMechanic Lets You Customize Notifications for Each Inspection Upload!
    Wednesday, July 30, 2014


  • ClearMechanic Adds Advanced Visual Editing Features for Inspection Photos!
    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    ClearMechanic's mobile application now enables clients to "drag and drop" multiple arrows and circles on the same photo. These visual editing features answer a common question from your customers while looking at their inspection photos: "Where is the problem? Where am I supposed to look?"

    Here is how advanced visual editing features look in the ClearMechanic mobile application. The visual editing interface appears immediately after a photo is taken in the app.

    ClearMechanic Mobile App with Advanced Visual Editing Features, Part 1      ClearMechanic Mobile App with Visual Editing Features part 2

    And here are a few examples of how this features has already been used by ClearMechanic clients. Notice how powerful this visual communicationis when presenting a recommendation to your customers.

    Multiple Arrows with ClearMechanic

    ClearMechanic Multiple Arrows

    ClearMechanic App with Multiple Arrows

    ClearMechanic Tire Photo with Circle

  • ClearMechanic Adds New Reporting Features: Clients Can View Activity Reports, Financial KPIs and Operational KPIs!
    Thursday, May 29, 2014

    ClearMechanic has added several new reporting templates for our clients. Each report template enables owners and managers to understand what goes on inside their businesses. For example, are your technicians recommending enough Red Priority and Yellow Priority items? Are your service advisors sending out inspections by e-mail and SMS at a high rate? How do your ClearMechanic metrics compare to other service centers?

    Below are detailed explanations of each report type. Remember, each report type can be customized to any date range.

    - Activity Reports: Inspection Forms and Activity Reports: Inspection Items
    ClearMechanic's Activity Reports show every Inspection Form or Inspection Item for the date range selected and the following details: which technician uploaded the Form or Item, how many photos, how many videos, what Red / Yellow / Green priority level, was Form or Item sent by SMS or e-mail, how many customer views did it receive, and more.

    Below is an Activity Report example, split into two screenshots:

    ClearMechanic Activity Report Example

    ClearMechanic Activity Report

    Financial KPI Reports
    ClearMechanic's Financial KPI Reports measure the financial impact of ClearMechanic on your business. For example, what is your sales per Repair Order with and without ClearMechanic? What is labor rate with and without ClearMechanic? How much money are you leaving on the table when you do NOT use ClearMechanic? This report also shows Key Performance Indicators or "KPIs", which are quantitative benchmarks against which your business should be evaluated. 

    See an example Financial KPI Report below:

    ClearMechanic Financial KPIs

    ClearMechanic Financial KPIs

    ClearMechanic Financial KPIs

    Operational KPI Reports
    ClearMechanic's Operational KPI Reports measure how well your business is using ClearMechanic, including an assessment by employee type: "service advisors," "technicians," and "service managers." We generate a letter grade on a scale of "A" to "D" and a number grade on a scale of 0 to 100 to show how well you are using the program and to diagnose any inefficiencies.

    Fore example, perhaps your technicians are uploading inspections for every RO with Clearmechanic, but they are never diagnosing "Yellow Priority" items. Or perhaps your technicians are doing a perfect job, but your service advisors never send the Inspection Forms by SMS text message. This is information you need to know on a regular basis!

    See an example Operational KPI Report below:

    ClearMechanic Operational KPIs Report

    ClearMechanic Operational KPIs Report

    Any questions? Contact us any time at info@clearmechanic.com!

  • ClearMechanic Enables "Fill in the Blank" Style Comments!
    Wednesday, May 28, 2014

    We look for every way possible to save technicians' time. Our "Frequent Comments" feature already populates the most frequently used Technician Comments for each Inspection Item. Our new "Fill in the Blank" Comments feature takes us to the next level.

    ClearMechanic now enables clients to add a special type of comment to Inspection Forms. We call these "Fill in the Blank" style comments, because the comments include a "__" or "blank." They are ideal for quickly entering measurements and other numerical information.

    The Problem We are Solving: Technicians Are Required to Write Too Much!
    Every day and for every vehicle, technicians are required to write out measurements for tires, brakes, coolant pH level, tire size, battery voltage, as well as other numerical information like tire year, month since last scheduled service, OEM part numbers, and so on. Without ClearMechanic, technicians must write out the entire comment as seen in these examples:

    2/32" Tread Depth (technician must write 17 characters without ClearMechanic)
    9 pH level (technician must write 10 characters without ClearMechanic)
    3 mm Thickness (technician must write 12 characters without ClearMechanic)

    ClearMechanic allows the technician to ONLY write one character in each example above! The technician only writes "2", "9" and "3" in each of the above examples, and ClearMechanic fills in the rest. This is the power and simplicity of our "Fill in the Blank" feature. 

    Screenshot #1: Brake Pad Thickness

    Fill in Blank Style Comments in ClearMechanic       Fill in Blank Style Comments in ClearMechanic

    Screenshot #2: Tire Tread Depth

    Tire Tread Depth      Tire Tread Depth

    How to Add "Fill in the Blank" Style Comments to your Inspection Form from your Private Dashboard
    Clients can use "Fill in the Blank" style comments for any numerical information. As with all ClearMechanic comments, we have designed "Fill in the Blank" style comments to be flexible and customizable. Here are the required steps:

    1. Log into your Private Dashboard.

    2. Go to Settings / Inspection Forms.

    ClearMechanic Settings -> Inspection Forms

    3. Click on "Edit Comments" button next to the Inspection Item where you want to add a "Fill in the Blank" style comment.

    "Edit Comments" button

    4. From the "Edit Comments" interface, type in a new comment with the underscore character "_" where you want to include a blank. For example, if we want to add the comment "[blank] /32 " Tread Depth," then we would type in a "_" where the blank should be. See screenshot below:

    blank inches Tread Depth

    5. Press "Enter" and you are done! The "Fill in the Blank" style comment has automatically been added to your Private Dashboard and instantly synchronizes with your mobile applications.

    ClearMechanic Private Dashboard

    ClearMechanic Mobile App FIBS Comments       ClearMechanic Mobile App FIBS Comments

    ClearMechanic Mobile App FIBS Comments

    Any questions? Contact us anytime at info@clearmechanic.com!

  • Volvo of México Promotes ClearMechanic Inspection Program Nationally Following Substantial, Immediate Sales Impact During Pilot
    Wednesday, May 7, 2014

    Volvo Logo for ClearMechanic            Volvo vehicle for ClearMechanic

    We are excited to announce another milestone in ClearMechanic's global expansion. Volvo of México is officially promoting ClearMechanic as the preferred inspection program in Volvo service centers. Volvo chose ClearMechanic to bring more transparency, trust and first-class service to its customers.

    With ClearMechanic's mobile and web inspection software, Volvo service centers can send personalized digital inspections to Volvo car owners, including real-time photos and videos, to build trust and close sales.

    ClearMechanic has been piloted at select Volvo service centers, which were carefully monitored by Volvo senior management. The impact of ClearMechanic was substantial and immediate. In ClearMechanic's pilot at Volvo Suecia Car San Angel, the average sales per Repair Order increased from $5,666 pesos to $7,424 pesos, a 31% boost. In another ClearMechanic pilot at Volvo Satélite TSC, the average sales per Repair Order increased from $3,450 pesos to $8,411 pesos, a 143%  increase!

    Volvo management requested feedback from a wide range of employees (technicians, service advisors, service managers, general managers and owners) and Volvo car owners at participating ClearMechanic pilot locations to hear directly about their experience with ClearMechanic. Sample testimonials (in Spanish language) can be seen on YouTube here, here and here. Volvo employees consistently remarked that ClearMechanic is surprisingly easy to use and had an immediate impact on sales.

    At the bottom of this post are example inspections and inspection photos generated with ClearMechanic during the official Volvo pilot.

    The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. ClearMechanic, Inc. develops technology for automotive service centers to send personalized digital vehicle inspections, with real-time photos and videos, to build trust and close sales. ClearMechanic has 14,000 certified technician users who have generated over 1.3 million inspection recommendations and 700,000 real-time photos and videos. This announcement relates specifically to Volvo of México and its strategic partnership with ClearMechanic, Inc.

    Exhibit A: Example Volvo Vehicle Inspection Using ClearMechanic
    (Consumer Information Blurred Out)

    Volvo Inspection Form with ClearMechanic

    Exhibit B: Inspection Photos Taken During Volvo Inspection with ClearMechanic

    Volvo Inspection Photos with ClearMechanic