• Recommendations for Cheap Apple and Android Devices to Run ClearMechanic
    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    Every client has different preferences and needs for mobile devices. Some clients prefer smartphones: they are cheaper, lighter and easier to take photos with. Other clients prefer tablets: they have bigger screens and are easier to type on. And many clients prefer a hybrid solution, where some employees use smartphones and some use tablets.

    Our goal at ClearMechanic is to give clients the choice to run ClearMechanic on any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. This requires a significant engineering effort on our part, but we feel this is critical to any mobile inspection program. 

    For clients who decide to purchase a new device (smartphone or tablet), they often want to buy cheap, reliable devices. And we are frequently asked for recommendations.

    Here is a list of cheap, reliable Apple and Android devices:

    Cheap, Reliable Apple Devices:
    Used iPad 2 or iPad 3
    (search eBay or Amazon)
    Used iPhone 4S (search eBay or Amazon)
    New iPod Touch (http://www.apple.com/ipod-touch/specs.html)

    Notes on Apple Devices:
    1) It's tough to call any Apple device "cheap," so this is a relative term. You can get refurbished iPads and iPhone 4S for $100-$200 each. 
    2) If your business has WiFi, we strongly recommend getting a WiFi only device. This will save you from having another cellular data plan. ClearMechanic gives you the option to run on WiFi only.

    Cheap, Reliable Android Devices:
    Motorola Atrix 2
    (under $75 on eBay and Amazon)
    LG Nexus 4 (under $100 on eBay and Amazon)
    HTC One V (under $75 on eBay and Amazon)
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (under $150 on eBay and Amazon)
    Samsung Galaxy S3 (under $200 on eBay and Amazon)

    Notes on Android Devices:
    1) Remember, ClearMechanic will run on any Android device. We just find this to be particularly cheap and effective in our experience.
    2) If your business has WiFi, we strongly recommend getting a WiFi only device. This will save you from having another cellular data plan. ClearMechanic gives you the option to run on WiFi only.

  • Tip: Internet Explorer Users Should Disable Compatibility View When Using ClearMechanic Private Dashboard
    Wednesday, April 9, 2014

    We are often asked by Internet Explorer users whether to use "Compatibility View." Here, we set the record straight. The quick answer is: No, we do not recommend using "Compatibility View" with any modern web site or web software (including ClearMechanic's Private Dashboard). 

    What is "Compatibility View"? Microsoft officially describes it like this: "In Compatibility View, websites will be displayed as if you were viewing them in a previous version of Internet Explorer." 

    In other words, "Compatibility View" is designed for older websites which were created for previous versions of Internet Explorer. ClearMechanic's Private Dashboard is a modern web application designed for new browsers. Therefore, we suggest you do not use "Compatibility View" with ClearMechanic.

    How do you disable "Compatibility View"? There are two ways:

    1) Click on this image in your browser search / URL bar:

    Compatibility View button


    2) Hit the "F12" button to open up the toolbar below. Confirm you are in regular browsing mode and not Compatibility View.

    Compatibility View ClearMechanic

  • Updated Private Dashboard Design: Cleaner Interface, Easier Editing, Auto-Saving
    Wednesday, April 2, 2014

    We have updated our Private Dashboard design to be cleaner and easier to edit. A huge part of our re-design is our implementation of "auto-saving." Any modifications to Inspection Forms are automatically saved, such as adding comments or changing priority levels. No need to click a "Save" button!

    This is especially useful when typing in your customer's Name, E-mail and Mobile Phone information. The information is automatically saved when you click "Enter" or "Tab" or click anywhere else on the screen! This is a very powerful time-saver that we are excited to release.


    New Private Dashboard Design: Inspection Form Details

    Updated ClearMechanic Private Dashboard Design


    Auto-Saving Implemented for Changes to Inspection Form

    Auto-Save Implemented in ClearMechanic


    New Private Dashboard Design: Settings

    ClearMechanic Private Dashboard Settings Design

  • New Feature: Add and Hide Pre-Loaded Technician Comments
    Wednesday, April 2, 2014

    ClearMechanic pre-loads over 6,500 "Frequent Comments" into our database, enabling your technicians to tap on frequent comments instead of re-typing them all the time.

    However, many clients want to add their own comments and hide ClearMechanic's pre-loaded comments. This is now possible! 

    Go to your Private Dashboard, then "Settings" and "Inspection Forms." We have included a screenshot below.

    Pre-Loaded Comments ClearMechanic

  • Updated Inspection Form Design: "Hover-Over Effects" on Photos and Videos
    Wednesday, April 2, 2014

    Simple design changes can be important for your customers. We have now updated our Inspection Form design to make it clear that the "Preview Images" (photos and videos) can be clicked and enlarged.


    ClearMechanic Inspection Form (Red Boxes Where New Hover-Over Effects Are)

    ClearMechanic Inspection Form


    How Inspection Image Looks After Clicking to Enlarge

    ClearMechanic Inspection Photo After Clicking to Enlarge